About Us

DALITAID- India is a national consortium of Dalit led NGOs, CBOs, leaders; sympathisers and activists in India, formed with the guidance of UK based Voice of Dalit International (VODI) in 2010/ 2011 and registered in 2012. It was formed to facilitate sustainable developmental support to long ignored Dalit communities, whose cause of poverty is caste discrimination and assist NGOs by empowering them to strive for their rightful share of national and international development resources.
One of DALITAID’s members is also a Trustee of VODI UK, which was formed in 1999 with several decades of accumulated South Asian developmental experience based on which it has evolved a new Dalit Development perspective from its long experience. As an international platform for Dalit work, VODI Joined with likeminded organisations and was instrumental in bringing about anti-caste discrimination legislation in the UK and for the Department for International Development (DFID) to come out with its findings on Dalits and caste discrimination. DALITAID started with 25 members is gradually opened to other organisations who subscribe to its aims and objects. We aim to invite those aid agencies who work with the poor in India, as special members of DALITAID.

Work undertaken - Model Community Development Project

Based on consultations, DALITAID is launching a Model Community Development Project for Dalits in line with Marianad Community Development Project in Trivandrum for traditional fishing community (www.vodintl.org.uk/story.htm).
This project generated two State Laws. Orissa Project is designed as a township for about 5000 Dalit families, consisting of 10 villages and ensuring the constant presence of Team of 5-7 committed Social workers for every unit. The Team, which is trained in different aspects of village life will live with the people on a long term basis and build community consciousness, 'we feeling' and develop peoples organisations/ institutions based on their needs starting from Nursery for children to School / Mother and child care to Dispensary/ youth training/ women training/ skills training/ develop economy - production/ marketing - all done through co-operative basis - starting from co-operative house building society.- to marketing.

DALITAID have just appointed their National Director and also located a qualified Catholic Nun to be responsible for its work in Northern Indian States and also to coordinate a possible international Leadership for Social Change (LFSC) training in UK. She is aiming to be in UK for international exposure and future planning, in October and November 2014. Her religious order with connections in UK has also showed interest in developing possible partnership. DALITAID has also identified a qualified Social Worker from Orissa to be the State Coordinator. He is one of VODI’s ex- LFSC 2012 participants. UK LFSC training is conducted to provide international exposure and skill training to Dalit leaders and future leaders and we hope to constantly equip the Social Workers through this training.
At present we have 2 Community Organisers - husband and wife- from Kerala, who have been working with the communities in Mohana in Orissa for the past 2 years, establishing contacts and exploring suitable land sites, which could be bought in part or in full for initial office and local training centre. One of them is also aiming to participate in the 2 month exposure and skill training in UK next month.
A Team consisting of the National Coordinator, the General Secretary of DALITAID, the Sr. Sneha are visiting Orissa, Berhampur/ Mohana area and to discuss the implementation of the Orissa Project with the Bishop Sarat Chadra Nayak of Berhampur, with whom we held initial discussion about the envisaged project in February 2014 in London during a 2 Day conference on 'Christian Responsibility to Dalits & Caste Discrimination'.